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Transparency and Disclosure Interactions between Industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

According to Transparency International (TI), transparency is defined as a characteristic of governments, companies, organizations and individuals being open in the clear disclosure of information, rules, plans, processes and actions. As such, transparency is one of the core principles of the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice guiding Eucomed members in their interactions with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

Improvements in the clinical care of patients are rooted in the interaction between HCPs and medical technology (MedTech) companies. HCPs (which include entities such as hospitals) are a source of innovation and creativity during the development of innovative medical devices and therefore an essential part of the R&D process. HCPs are also the prime users of technologies and play an instrumental role in the successful access to patients of innovative medical devices throughout Europe and beyond. This is because MedTech companies are legally required to provide HCPs with appropriate instruction, education, training, service and technical support to ensure delivery of safe and effective medical technology and care to patients. In all these interactions, transparency is a crucial element ensuring that these are appropriate and beyond criticism in view of any conflict of interest.

Posted on 01.11.2012

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