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Turning the tide on cancer patient outcomes and improving healthcare systems

Medical technologies have the potential to transform the battle against cancer and implement Europe´s Beating Cancer Plan. We do not have to wait. Solutions are already available to prevent, detect, treat and manage patients as well as support crucial healthcare system changes.

The MedTech Europe Cancer Sector Group’s vision encompasses the widespread integration of medical technologies into EU health systems, aimed at significantly reducing the burden of Cancer. By swiftly identifying patients and providing precise diagnoses, utilising state-of-the-art treatment technologies to minimise side effects and enhance survivorship prospects, the aim is to enhance patient safety throughout the entire care cycle. This approach not only reduces unnecessary complications and streamlines diagnostic and disease management workflows but also harnesses digital technologies for more effective patient monitoring, identification, diagnosis, and management. The group’s  endeavour to alleviate strain on both patients and healthcare professionals by enhancing efficiencies and reducing complications, and by doing so, also contribute to building more sustainable healthcare systems.

We aim to collaborate with stakeholders and policymakers to make this vision a reality.

Posted on 23.05.2024

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