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Medical Education & Research and Development

Medical Education & Research and Development Picture

Collaborative working between HCPs and medtech companies is a key driver for innovation and advancements in patient care. HCPs and companies interact at every stage of product development: from early design, scientific research and clinical studies, to support for medical education that ensures the safe and effective use of technologies.

These relationships deliver high quality patient outcomes and advance the management of diseases. While these exchanges and collaborations are essential, they also need to be structured via a healthy and transparent working relationship between the industry and HCPs/HCOs.

The Code regulates in detail how these collaborations, in particular in the field of R&D and HCP medical education (e.g. medical congresses, scholarships etc.) should be structured in order to avoid any resemblance of improperness.

Education and Training

MedTech Europe has developed the following training and communication material on the new Code of Ethical Business Practice.