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AI in medical technologies: improving health systems and patient outcomes event report

Posted on 02.11.2022

The event report from the recently held MedTech Europe event on ‘AI in medical technologies – Improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes’ has been published, highlighting key takeaway messages. Speakers from the European Commission, the medical technology industry, patient and healthcare professional representatives, and healthcare insurance discussed the benefits of AI throughout the healthcare systems and provided an outlook on an AI regulatory system that works for patients and fosters health innovation.

During the event, Salvatore Scalzo from the European Commission explained the necessity ‘to rely as much as possible on the sectoral legislation and ensure that the existing systems are not disrupted’. In addition, Wim Oyen, a Board Member from the European Cancer Organisation stressed the importance ‘to remember that AI should only remove tasks and not add new ones, while over or under reliance to AI can be dangerous’. The full report of the event can be accessed here.

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