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Healthtech TAB Awards 2020 hosted by The MedTech Forum

Posted on 03.03.2020

The HealthTech Award 2020 will honour the most promising game-changers developing emerging technologies for healthcare in Europe, and offer them broad visibility and recognition. Three categories will be rewarded this year: best concept/invention, best product/deal and a special prize from the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board). Applications are open to all innovators based in Europe: academia, start-up companies, SMEs, industries, private inventors, and to all emerging HealthTech: nanomedicine, advanced materials, photonics, robotics, electronics, digital health, etc. The prize ceremony will take place in Berlin on 26 May, during one of the plenary session of the MedTech Forum 2020, the leading European event of the medtech industry.

Do you develop breakthrough innovations in healthcare? New technological solutions able to change the life of thousands of patients? Would you like to see your great invention highlighted in front of a broad audience of Key Opinion Leaders and influent media of the field? Apply online today and be the next HealthTech Awardee in 2020!

The #HealthTechAward2020 is organised by the NOBEL Project and hosted by the MedTech Forum.