Life sciences industry experts contribute to shaping the future EU research and innovation priorities

Posted on 02.03.2022

20+ challenges have been identified by the 200+ participants representing 50 medtech and pharma companies at the remote Industry Ideation Workshop organised by MedTech Europe with EFPIA, COCIR and EuropaBio on 23-24 February 2022.

Five themes were addressed successively on potential healthcare priorities in Europe:

· Continuum of care in non-communicable diseases

· Technology for patient-centric and sustainable innovation

· Real-world evidence for improved research and healthcare

· Infections and bio preparedness

· Underserved diseases and populations 

Participants were asked to collectively identify challenges and problems that would require an intersectoral understanding and alignment before considering solutions that could be implemented potentially in the coming years under the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI). 

The 20+challenges identified will now be clustered, sorted, fine-tuned, and tested against the specific objectives of IHI:

  1. Understand diseases and determinants of health 
  2. Defragment R&I efforts to improve prediction, prevention, interception, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases in areas of unmet need 
  3. Demonstrate the feasibility of people-centred, integrated health care solutions 
  4. Exploit the full potential of digitalisation and data exchange in health care 
  5. Develop new and improved methodologies and models for value assessment (for approval, access, etc.)

The Ideation Workshop is a first step in the ideation process to help companies engage across sectors to discuss future solutions to these challenges.

Please contact Patrick Boisseau, Director General, Strategic Initiatives for more information.