MedTech Europe organizes workshop to highlight the Value of Diagnostic Information

Posted on 03.10.2019

Reliable, high-quality and timely information is the backbone of quality and sustainable healthcare delivery, avoiding costly, low-value care. Information enables prognosis, diagnosis, prevention, advises caregivers and improves treatment and management decisions along the patient pathway. It also contributes to more patient-centred and cost-efficient healthcare. Yet, the value of information in general and value of diagnostic and digital information in particular, is often not entirely recognized by healthcare systems.

Against this backdrop, a recent publication by Victoria Wurcel et al. (2019) explored ways to best evaluate, and reward the value created from diagnostics in healthcare. It also assessed how to include these value considerations in decision-making processes for diagnostics. By doing so, the authors introduced ‘The Value of Diagnostic Information’ (VODI) concept. VODI is an assessment framework aimed at capturing the comprehensive value of diagnostic information for citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, health systems and beyond.

MedTech Europe continues to highlight the importance of diagnostic information for improved, value-driven healthcare in Europe. Therefore, we are engaging with key stakeholders to put the VODI concept into action. In this regard, MedTech Europe is pleased to welcome a diverse group of experts (representatives of patients, healthcare professionals and beyond) to an invitation-only workshop on ‘Information as an Enabler for Sustainable Value-Driven Healthcare Delivery in Europe’, taking place on 24 October 2019 in Brussels. Stay tuned to learn more after the workshop!