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MedTech Europe recognises Horizon Europe’s potential

Posted on 05.05.2021

R&I is the lifeblood of Europe’s medical technology sector. EU support for R&I – including Horizon Europe funding programme – offers valuable opportunities for the medical technology industry to tackle the biggest challenges facing our societies.

Recognising Horizon Europe’s potential for the medical technology industry, MedTech Europe launched a training programme for companies with limited or no experience in writing EU R&I proposals. On 22 April, the first webinar on how to write a successful proposal in Horizon Europe was organised in cooperation with AMIRES.

By taking part in this webinar, companies received crucial information on what are the main elements to take into consideration to address a call for proposal. Knowing that the first calls of the Innovative Health Initiative are expected in late 2021, it is time for companies to start training to be fully ready for the ‘D-day’ of publication of the first calls for proposals.

For more information, please contact Patrick Boisseau, Director General Strategic Initiatives.