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The Reflection Paper on Innovation in Medical Technologies

Posted on 05.11.2020

More than 30 key opinion leaders from large corporates, start-ups, investors, regional governments have shared their vision on the European medical technology (medtech) innovation ecosystem in the Reflection Paper on Innovation in medtech, released by MedTech Europe on 15th Oct 2020.

With this Reflection Paper, MedTech Europe provides an overview of the current healthcare research and innovation (R&I) situation in Europe, shines some light on the healthcare ecosystem for European small and medium-sized enterprises, outlines some best practices from USA and offers recommendations on how Europe can be a more attractive landscape for healthcare R&I. Namely, through:
• bringing a diverse set of stakeholders together, combining wide sets of expertise.
• building on specific EU advantages of greater safety and data protection standards, as well as universal healthcare.
• investing in healthcare innovation through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and large EU funding initiatives; and
• establishing a more coordinated approach for EU regional innovation systems.

In conclusion, Europe offers a wealth of opportunities for innovation in medical technologies. We hope this Reflection Paper will offer helpful considerations for future EU conversations on the strategic research agenda of Europe.