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Compliance Guidance on Emergency Support for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

Document - Posted on 16.03.2022

MedTech Europe’s contribution to the public consultation on Civil liability – adapting liability rules to the digital age and artificial intelligence

Document - Posted on 08.02.2022

Response to the European Data Protection Board Consultation on the Guidelines 05/2021 on the interplay between Article 3 and the provisions on international transfers as per Chapter V of the GDPR

Document - Posted on 02.02.2022

Guidance on the Interactions between the Medical Technology Industry and Patient Organisations

Document - Posted on 04.06.2021

Distributor Training on Code of Ethical Business Practice

Document - Posted on 05.02.2021

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Introduction to Distributor/SMI Compliance Training (VIDEO)

Video - Posted on 05.02.2021

Innovation Without Borders: The Importance of Transatlantic Data Flows to Healthcare Innovation and Delivery

Document - Posted on 21.12.2020

MedTech Europe Compliance Panel Internal Procedural Rules

Document - Posted on 04.11.2020

Coronavirus emergency vs. GDPR security standards (COVID-19 Q&A)

Document - Posted on 24.09.2020

MedTech Europe Code Guidance on COVID-19 Emergency Support (27 March 2020)

Document - Posted on 21.09.2020

Joint Statement on Global Harmonization of Ethical Business Principles in Medical Technology

Document - Posted on 02.05.2018

CVS scope: When are CVS assessments required?

Document - Posted on 30.01.2018

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MedTech Europe plays an active role in ensuring that patients have access to safe, life-improving technologies. We are committed to making health systems more efficient and sustainable, helping to create a better future together.

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MedTech Europe is the European trade association for the medical technology industry including diagnostics, medical devices and digital health.

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The medical technology industry is a dynamic and innovative sector working to save and improve lives. With more than 500,000 products and services on the market, medtech companies are improving patient outcomes and helping to make health systems more sustainable.

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