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Data Act position paper

In the context of the proposed Data Act, which aims at ensuring fairer value allocation from data and fostering increased access to and use of data, MedTech Europe would like to highlight the need to preserve incentives for industry to invest in methods of generating value through data, in a balanced and proportionate way. Connected medical technologies are widely used in healthcare and integrated across a variety of platforms to enable diagnosis, better clinical care practice and decision making. As such, medical technologies are impacted by the provisions of the Data Act as it will require them to make data generated by the use of a product or service easily, securely and directly accessible to the user, by default.

MedTech Europe, however, wants to outline that the Data Act needs to be clearer, in terms of its scope and definitions, and clearly align with existing (and future) sectoral and horizontal legislation and protect trade secrets and other intellectual property rights. The following position paper outlines MedTech Europe’s position in detail and highlights the importance to consider sectoral peculiarities.

Posted on 08.11.2022

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