Global In Vitro Diagnostic (GIVD) Classification – Version 2023

MedTech Europe has created a specific classification scheme for IVDs, the Global IVD (GIVD) classification (previously known as EDMA classification). It is a numerical coding system, which has been developed to support the collection and analysis of market statistics.

With market statistics programmes expanding beyond Europe, the classification has now become global in its scope. For the MIS and the GDMS, the IVD companies report their sales according to the GIVD classification. The GIVD classification is updated on a yearly basis according to market needs and changes.

The updated 2023 GIVD Classification is now also available. IVD companies should implement this version as of data submissions for January 2023 for MIS and Quarter 1 for the GDMS market statistics programmes.

Posted on 13.12.2022

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