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Joint Industry statement on EU-Japan FTA negotiations – 24 April 2014

European business organisations, signatories of this statement, are strong proponents of fostering the trade partnership and cooperation between the EU and Japan. We wish to reiterate the value of this relationship at a time when the progress of negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) is being reviewed by the Member States, and in view of the upcoming EU-Japan Summit.

We remain convinced that this FTA has the potential to deliver significant economic benefits and contribute to the development of both economies. An EU-Japan FTA is an opportunity to enlarge markets and improve regulatory coherence, and thereby expand trade and investment, economic growth and employment, and contribute to enhanced competitiveness and productivity of businesses in both economies and in the wider international context. Seamless, duty-free and barrier-free markets, built on high-standard rules and regulatory convergence between the EU and Japan would enable business to be conducted freely, and would enhance opportunities and incentives for further investment.

Posted on 29.04.2014

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