Document paper Value-based Procurement

MEAT Value-Based Procurement enabling value-based healthcare in Europe

Value-based healthcare is gaining traction across Europe as the way forward to build more efficient and sustainable health systems. This approach takes into account the wider patient and societal outcomes together with the life-cycle cost of healthcare delivery and services. Doing so can provide more economically advantageous solutions and increased quality and value of care for patients, healthcare professionals and health systems as a whole.

One of the most critical decisions in healthcare today is the procurement of products, services and solutions by healthcare providers and healthcare systems. By choosing one solution over another, procurement officials impact the care being offered to patients, and encourage the industry and other healthcare stakeholders to act in specific ways.

Given this significant influence, procurement agencies will become one of the key players in healthcare leading the effort to focus on the value of healthcare products, services and solutions. Yet, today still, healthcare procurement often focuses only on the purchase price.

Posted on 21.06.2016


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