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MedTech Europe Cardiovascular Sector Group’s Response to the European Commission’s Targeted Consultation on EU4Health 2024 Work Programme

The MedTech Europe Cardiovascular Sector Group is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the development of the EU4Health Work Programme for 2024. In 2023, the Programmes’ work plan did not account for any action or investment targeted to address CVD and CVD-related challenges. In our response, we call for the 2024 work plan to allocate investments to CVD and, more specifically, highlight three urgent needs:

  1. Investments in the entire CVD care pathway, going beyond disease prevention and heath promotion to ensure funding for detection, diagnosis and innovative treatment, including in times of crisis
  2. Investments in training, resilience, and retention of CVD healthcare professionals, to ensure the growing care demands for CVD patients are met, including in times of crisis
  3. Investments in Cardiovascular Innovation Access and digital tools, to ensure availability and accessibility of innovative treatments and care solutions for CVD patients and reduce the burden on healthcare systems, including during times of crisis

Read the complete consultation response below.

Posted on 10.05.2023

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