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MedTech Europe welcomes the European Commission’s White paper on Artificial Intelligence and the EU Data strategy

The medical technology industry welcomes the “European Strategy for Data” and the “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – a European Approach” that were published by the European Commission. The two documents will be tools to unleash the potential of data and artificial intelligence in the health care sector, increasing outcomes for patients with respect for Europe’s values and principles.

In order to maximise the benefits of AI in the health sector, MedTech Europe call on the EC to focus on:
• Building data and infrastructure for research and AI
• Establishing a harmonised governance framework based on ethical principles
• Funding of AI
• Equipping the healthcare workforce and patients with the necessary skills

A multi-stakeholder approach will be the foundation of a forward-looking, sustainable and harmonised AI regulatory landscape and will ensure that policy remains dynamic and flexible, adapting to the evolution of technology.

Posted on 21.02.2020

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