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Proposed Guiding Principles for Reimbursement of Digital Health Products and Solutions

The scope of this paper covers digital health products and solutions that support the delivery of health services, address the health and social care of individuals, and can be considered for reimbursement by the public sector or sickness funds. This paper excludes lifestyle products and services that are not based on evidence and are not CE-marked under medical device legislation.

The paper is one of four working papers developed collaboratively by members of the eHealth Stakeholder Group (eHSG), the EC’s expert group on European digital health policy, and was published on the European Commission website.

MedTech Europe was the convener of the working group; others included COCIR, the European Society of Cardiology, PGEU (Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union) and UEHP (European Union of Private Hospitals).

Posted on 30.04.2019


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