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Relaunching European competitiveness: a joint European industry manifesto

MedTech Europe joins 85 European and national industry associations calling policymakers to relaunch Europe’s attractiveness and competitiveness as an industrial location for innovation.

The EU enters a new policy cycle at a challenging time, with technology and geopolitics acting as global disruptors, adding pressure to already stretched supply chains. Now is the time to start building a strategic plan that unlocks the full potential of the Single Market and builds a regulatory environment for the EU industry to remain globally competitive; this is crucial to foster access to innovative medical technologies that meet the needs of patients and health systems.

We call the next EU mandate to:

  1. Reposition Europe as a global leader in trade
  2. Embrace a horizontal approach to EU Single Market and competitiveness
  3. Build a joined-up strategy to boost value chain resilience, protecting jobs and consumers
  4. Bridge the innovation gap
  5. Nurture talents and skills

Read the full manifesto below

Posted on 15.04.2024

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