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Time to act to change the beat: achieving cardiovascular health for all – Manifesto

The MedTech Europe Cardiovascular Sector Group, a co-founder and partner of the European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH), strongly believes that health should remain a top priority for the EU and its institutions, and urgently calls for Cardiovascular Health to be a key, prioritised topic during the European Parliament elections and for the new European Commission’s mandate.

In its manifesto, the MedTech Europe Cardiovascular Sector Group calls for:

  1. Development, by 2024, of a dedicated European Cardiovascular Health Plan (EU CVH Plan) covering the whole spectrum of cardiovascular health. This means: from prevention measures to targeted heart health checks, allowing for improved early diagnosis and detection, as well as improved access and patient-centred treatment and quality of life.
  2. Investment of EU funds to allow for the deployment of the EU CVH Plan, including heart health checks, and to foster Research and Innovation. This will allow for better understanding of the disease burden, and for the development and equitable uptake of innovative diagnostics and therapies. The role that innovative CV medical technologies and digital tools have in alleviating the burden of disease and in ensuring better work conditions for healthcare professionals should be further recognised.
  3. Facilitation of a European CVH Knowledge Centre to address the current fragmentation and the significant gaps in reliable data, as well as to ensure connectivity across the spectrum of CVD and related conditions, and enhance cross border collaboration.

Download & Read the full manifesto below.

Posted on 29.09.2023

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