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First reflections from MedTech Europe event AI in medical technologies- Improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes

Posted on 11.10.2022

At MedTech Europe’s event on AI in medical technologies on 10th of October 2022, participants reflected on how AI in medical technologies can improve healthcare systems and patient outcomes. 

During the first panel, the speakers discussed that the key benefits of AI are related to the ability to manage enormous amounts of information. It can improve the prevention and early detection of diseases and bring cost efficiencies. And the full-scale benefits are yet to be explored. At the same time, panellists identified key hurdles for implementing AI: These are related to the need for digital literacy of healthcare professionals and citizens. At the same time, solutions need to be as intuitive as possible. GDPR-compliant access to high-quality, curated data is necessary, too, which can limit or slow down the implementation. The healthcare systems need to be transformed to ensure targeted reimbursement for new technologies, proven beneficial by evidence. The panel concluded that the determining factor in the development and implementation of AI should always be the patient and their trust.  

The second panel focused on the regulatory aspect of AI and the medical technology sector. The European Commission acknowledged openness to improve the current Artificial Intelligence Act proposal to ensure legal certainty for all stakeholders, stimulate innovation, better patient outcomes, and seamless integration with existing sectoral legislation. The panellist representing German medical technology industry associations pointed out that Small and Medium Enterprises in medical technology will struggle with the future framework. At the same time, planning security is necessary for them to bring innovation to the market. It is essential to look at proven well-working models for AI from sectoral legislations such as the Medical Devices Regulation and the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation. The future AI Act should only tackle identified risks not managed under the existing frameworks for medical technologies.  

We sincerely thank all panellists, participants and our moderator for sharing their ideas and making this an enticing and fruitful discussion. MedTech Europe looks forward to continued collaboration with all stakeholders on the future AI Act. 

The detailed agenda of event is available here.

The full report of the event is available here.

MedTech Europe’s recently published document on “AI in medical technologies” is available here.