VODI Virtual Workshop Report is now available on MedTech Europe’s website

Posted on 03.02.2021

Diagnostic information is critical to modern healthcare and, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, has a major role to play in returning to the ‘new normal’. Diagnostic tests are essential to governments’ efforts to contain the pandemic and re-start economies. To explore the value of diagnostic information, MedTech Europe hosted a workshop on 7 October entitled ‘ How to harness the Value of diagnostic information in the New normal? The virtual workshop enjoyed the participation of key external stakeholders active in the healthcare sector. The main takeaways from this event have now been captured in a report, which was published on the MedTech Europe website.

The virtual workshop gathered around 22 stakeholders, ranging from industry, patient organizations, healthcare professionals to policymakers. During the virtual workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss how healthcare systems in Europe can truly harness the value of diagnostic information. Drawing early lessons learned, the participants stressed the (yet untapped) potential of diagnostic information to render healthcare systems more resilient and sustainable in combating both acute, infectious diseases as well as chronic conditions.

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